Sunday, April 28

Ahh, success. After a very, VERY long hiatus from running and being fit in general, I finally have my motivation back. It feels really good to clear my cloudy mind and burn off some frustration and stress. With this blog, I plan to record my runs, my calorie burn for the month and get out my general thoughs and feelings about running, fitness and weight loss as it pertains to me. I'm in no way, shape or form someone who is giving advice...I can only talk about what works for me and what things I find enjoyable as far as living a healthy lifestyle. 

As far as getting my mojo back, yesterday was the clincher for me - I spent most of the day at the Color Me Rad 5k in Springfield, MO with my three awesome kids.

This was mine and my son's third 5k experience and the first experience for my daughters. They loved it. I can't help but hope that they'll love running and participating in 5k races with their old mom from now on, but being the teenagers they are, they're more interested in hanging out with other people and enjoying a lazy summer. We will see though - I may be able to keep them in the running spirit.

As for me, I'm pretty excited about my new purchase. After the Color Me Rad 5k, I set aside my awesome old Asics shoes and purchased a new pair of Brooks Ghost 5's. They feel amazing and I'm so glad I chose these shoes to replace my favorites. The Asics were really good to me. I used them for more than running and they lasted me right at a year, so I'm hoping the Brooks hold up just as good. So far I've put 2.25 miles on them and they feel like a dream.

Speaking of dreams, this gal has had quite an eventful weekend, not only with running and getting my motivation back, but also with college work and just life in general - I think it's time for an 8 hour nap. 
Happy Running!!

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